COOP x 3 Tumba, Motala och Trelleborg




Developer, Project Manager, Design Supervisor


Bryggarvägen Tumba, Platensgatan Motala and Västra Ringvägen Trelleborg,

8.600, 2.900, respectively 3.600 sqm gross

NREP acquired three properties of KF Fastigheter 2017 in Tumba, Motala and Trelleborg, where there was lease agreement with COOP. In Tumba there was also an agreement with Tumba Tennis The Tumba plant opened in April 2019 in Trelleborg September 2019 and Motala November 2019.

RED Management has in the role as developer agent and project manager developed the three projects. Each with similarities but also differences.

In Tumba there were technical challenges on the property and a redesign was required to find an economically feasible solution for the foundation. Also a design that was both consistent with the design program and the new conditions. The building is in an important location for Tumba and Botkyrka municipality. Together with Equator Architects, the design of the property was developed so that the large volume harmonized with the environment and serves as a gateway to Tumba. Especially with the facility is also the Tennis Hall which is located on top of the grocery store with its four tennis courts and two paddle courts.

In Trelleborg and Motala, the ambition for the design was also high and to dispose of technical conditions as protection of dangerous transports while requiring glazing of façades. In dialogue with the respective municipality, good alternatives were then built.

Bengt Ydenius

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