The Sture galleria


Program design


Project management

City centre facility woth retail, office, hotel and housing

Stureplan, Stockholm

110 000 sqm

Start of production 2020

Kv. Sperlingens backe at Stureplan is one of the largest blocks in Stockholm and famous for Sture gallerian with it’s shoping and entertainment.

Sture is facing a major transformation. The project involves the revitalization of one of Stockholm’s most important neighborhoods where Sturegallerian is being developed with retail, hotels, offices and housing with the highest standard.

The vision is that the Sturekvarteret once again will become a social center of gravity and an obvious place as one of the city’s “water holes” and dynamic central points. A room where the city’s residents are happy to meet, socialize and make plans and develop new ideas. The development should respect the history and personality of the place and contribute positively to the experience of the urban space.

RED Management works with the project management in the TAM Group development team on behalf of ADIA, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. In the autumn of 2019, the zoning plan will be adopted in the City council and parallel work is underway on programming, planning and application for water works permit.

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