Marievik, a new cityscape in Stockholm



JM, AMF, Castellum mfl

Project Manager. Property developer

Office, Residential


100 000 m2 new production


Marievik will be a part of the inner city with homes and offices and truly unique waterfront location with two metro stations within minutes of walking. The potential is already visible today in the surroundings where new homes at Liljeholmskajen and Liljeholmen center has been established. The next step will Marievik to get more homes and offices that the area be developed to residents, workers and visitors to the area an exciting and good environment.

City of Stockholm have shown a strong interest in linking Marievik the inner city and a review of the local plan has begun. The current zoning allows, for example, almost only industry which is not consistent with current usage. The aim is to design a new zoning plan that allows both office and residential properties.

There is an ongoing zoning-process to allow the development of residential and office. There will be a contribution of approximately 1,000 homes and more suitable offices. Property owners AMF Fastigheter, Castellum, Deutsche Bank, Aberdeen and JM are property owners in the area.
RED Management, along with the Equator and in close cooperation with the property owners worked to develop the area. Initially the focus was on the RED Management’s mission of AMF Fastigheter to develop Marievik 15, closest to Södermalm. In a parallel architectural assignments cooperation with the City of Stockholm received the Dutch architects SEarch the opportunity to develop their proposals further. The property was then sold to JM, who processed the proposal further. RED Management operates plan the work and to lead the work on the streets, park and dock for property owners in the southern part of the planning area


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