Stendörren aquires from Starwood in Täby


Stendörren acquires the industrial property Åkerby 8 in Täby by Starwood. RED Management has assisted Scius to develop the property and plan for sale. The property is located in the Åkerby industrial area and includes offices, warehouses and light industry, covering a total of 9 700 square meters. The property was part of Svea Real’s stock that Starwood acquired in a big deal in 2014 and then sold bit by piece. RED Management has assisted Scius in the development of this portfolio.


Four properties left. Castellum acquires several properties in Linköping, Norrköping and Västerås by US Starwood and Scius, who owner and representative of Svea Real. US Starwood bought the properties from Norwegian Obligo in a large package. Scius has recruited RED Management to develop the properties, from initiating changes in usage and zoning to tenant adoptions. This is a good opportunity for further developing the properties.

In recent months, Scius has partly divested a large package to Hemfosa for 3.6 billion and a larger property in Kista to Nordika. According to the Real Estate World, Starwood / Scius now has only four properties, two in Helsingborg, one in Täby and one in Västerås. Here RED Management is working to further develop the properties.