Genesta has signed an agreement to acquire two high-quality logistics properties located in Örebro and Ljungby from Infrahubs. The properties were completed in 2022 and have a total lettable area of ca 49,000 square meters. Both properties are fully leased with long-term agreements.

The Örebro property with its 23,000 square meters is fully leased to the food tech company, Matsmart. The Ljungby property with 26,000 square meters is fully leased to PostNord TPL who operates their third-party logistics from the site.

The buildings are equipped with solar panels and LED-lighting, and further sustainability measures will be added during Genesta’s ownership. The properties will be certified in accordance with BREEAM In-use with the ambition to achieve level Excellent.

RED Management were Genesta’s advisor during the due dilligence of the acquisitions.


Genesta is expanding its logistics portfolio and has acquired Stenvreten 8:30, a logistics property of 80,000 sqm under construction located in Enköping. It is an off-market transaction with Logistic Contractor, part of the Wästbygg Group.

Flexibility in one of Sweden´s best locations:

With an estimated lettable area of slightly more than 80,000 sqm the building provides sustainable, flexible and efficient logistics facilities in an excellent location with easy access to E18.

The building will have several green warehouse design features such as rooftop solar panels, high-efficiency roofing and walls, LED-lighting and it will be certified in accordance with BREEAM In-use with the ambition to achieve level Excellent.

RED Management has been development advisor to Genesta during the aqusition.


RED Management develops an entire office block on Södermalm in Stockholm

RED management has been contracted by Genesta Property Nordic to manage the development of the property Mullvadsberget 29 on Södermalm in Stockholm. The “Zinko” project covers 10,300 square meters lettable area. As part of a long-term collaboration, RED Management has assisted Genesta already in the acquisition process with identification of development potential, need for technical upgrading and investment costs.

Genesta acquired the property from the municipal company Stockholmshem in 2021 and now the planning begins for a complete renovation of Zinko – an entire office block on Södermalm where modern, attractive and sustainable premises are created for future tenants.


The real estate company Revelop has signed an agreement with Vi Invest AB to open up a new AC Hotel by Marriott in Kista. By converting parts of the Nordic Forum, a 9,000 square meter hotel with 201 rooms, a conference department, a restaurant with outdoor seating, a pool and relaxation facilities will be created. RED Management is responsible for the project management of the development.

Together with ViInvest, Revelop has created a hotel concept which means that 9,000 square meters of premises in the characteristic pyramids in the Nordic Forum property at Torshamnsgatan 39 will be converted into a four-star full-service hotel. The hotel, which is operated under the brand AC Hotels by Marriott, will have 201 rooms, a restaurant with outdoor seating, conference, pool and gym. In connection with the renovation, the hotel building will be environmentally certified according to BREEAM In-Use. The office building has been certified according to Green Building for several years. Major focus in the project is new energy-efficient installations with modern control of plumbing, lighting and ventilation through artificial intelligence for the least possible environmental impact.


On 27 September, St Erik’s new eye hospital opened in Hagastaden, within kv Patienten.

The management team of the eye hospital has been clear in it’s ambition.

The ambition with the new, specially adapted premises for St. Erik’s Eye Hospital has not only been to offer good, highly specialized eye care. The goal is also to create a new center for eye care – an Eye center of excellence.

The result is a property with high technical performance to meet the hospital’s high expectations of developing care based on innovation, competence and a holistic perspective.

Vitartes as a property owner received the assignment for STE in a public procurement for the hospital’s lease in 2016.

RED Management has been the property owner’s project manager and is responsible for the project’s technical design and implementation.


SGBC has designated Signal 3 as the BREEAM building of the year. We are very proud to have been involved in the project as project manager for the property owner Fabege. From the jury’s motivation: “It is a fine example of one plus one being three, where ambitious sustainability requirements from the client meet the demands of the customer, and together create something even better.”


Scius has signed a lease agreement with Spotify regarding the lease of 3,700 sqm of office space distributed over two floors of the Barnängen 6 property in Södermalm. Moving in will take place during Q1 2020 and the property will thus be fully let.

RED Management has assisted Scius during the acquisition and leasing process and will lead the work on developing the property.


The American investment company Invesco, in collaboration with Scius Partners, purchased the property Skålen 24 in Hagastaden from  SEB Trygg Liv. The property comprises 18,000 square meters of lettable office space but also an opportunity to develop an additional 6,000 square meters of office space and a residential property of about 60 apartments.

Joen Siggelin, at Scius Partners, says that the property has great qualities and all the prerequisites to become a first-class office product.

RED Management has assisted Scius during the transaction with technical due diligence and property development planning. RED Management, together with Scius, will develop the property.


Stendörren acquires the industrial property Åkerby 8 in Täby by Starwood. RED Management has assisted Scius to develop the property and plan for sale. The property is located in the Åkerby industrial area and includes offices, warehouses and light industry, covering a total of 9 700 square meters. The property was part of Svea Real’s stock that Starwood acquired in a big deal in 2014 and then sold bit by piece. RED Management has assisted Scius in the development of this portfolio.


Four properties left. Castellum acquires several properties in Linköping, Norrköping and Västerås by US Starwood and Scius, who owner and representative of Svea Real. US Starwood bought the properties from Norwegian Obligo in a large package. Scius has recruited RED Management to develop the properties, from initiating changes in usage and zoning to tenant adoptions. This is a good opportunity for further developing the properties.

In recent months, Scius has partly divested a large package to Hemfosa for 3.6 billion and a larger property in Kista to Nordika. According to the Real Estate World, Starwood / Scius now has only four properties, two in Helsingborg, one in Täby and one in Västerås. Here RED Management is working to further develop the properties.