RED provides qualified advisory- and management services for valuable real estate developments. Hiring us will give you access to experienced consultants with sector-related expertise who independently will lead and advice you from project start-up to target achievement.


We analyse how a property can be developed to create the best increase in value. We develop and analyse income and capital expenditure scenarios for alternative courses of action. Our analysis tool processes the initial value, required return, market potential and conversion or new construction alternatives. The outcome is a development proposal that serves as a powerful tool in determining further development of the property and the context in which it is introduced on the market.

Contact for real estate analysis:
Jörgen Rahm, +46 (0)73-663 69 03

Due Diligence

We appraise the property our clients are interested in purchasing. Before acquisition, we analyses the property by means of technical status inspection. We also establish a link with environment, market and other areas that have an impact on risk and business potential. With our assistance, the client receives the right input prior to acquisition. We begin by looking at the deal itself and providing relevant information. We identify possible forms of development for the property and assess the operating costs.

Contact for Due diligence services:
Bengt Ydenius, +46 (0)70-533 20 28

Real estate development

With our analysis as a basic starting point, we verify previous assumptions. We determine the approach to be adopted and the organisation needed. We direct and work with our client, selected architects and experts in economics, market and technology. We define goals and set the framework for a successful, profitable and sustainable development. Based on that we handle the contacts with authorities to achieve permits and city plan amendments and we prepare contracts and other documents necessary for defining the development project.
We can then lead the project in the further process towards the set goals as the clients representative or project manager.

Contact for Real estate development projects and city plan amendments:
Per Linder, CEO, +46 (0)70-370 63 25

Building Developer’s Rep.

As the developer’s representative, we take responsibility for the development of the property. This entails managing income, capital expenditure and marketing. We represent the property owner in relation to authorities, consultants, contractors and estate agents. With our tools, network and experience, we pave the way for ensuring that the property is developed in the right way. We remain responsible from the conceptual stage to the handing over of the property for management. We provide our clients with valuable input for decision-making and give them a clear and unambiguous account of how the property is being developed.


Contact: Magnus Eriksson, +46 (0)73-085 88 00

Project management

We direct the client’s project towards goal achievement – from tenant adaptation to urban planning.
As project manager, we guarantee the performance of all work that is needed in order to achieve our client’s goal. With the help of proactive leadership and planning, we are always one step ahead so that we can minimize and control unexpected events. For us, it is important that the organisation has the type of creativity and quality consideration that cuts down risks and drives the project forward. Together, we find new ways of achieving the goal.

Contact: Magnus Eriksson, +46(0)73-085 88 00